Baseball Begins

Baseball is now in full swing for the Windheims. The weather cooperated for Field Prep Day, Joe and Ben each had scrimmages, and Sam had his first “Rookie” practice.

As exciting and fun as baseball is for my family, I always indulge in a little dread for the over-intense parents and coaches we encounter each year. This is, of course, multiplied for the team that Brian coaches. We can never leave a game when it’s over, because someone’s got an issue to share. And, when we get home, there’s a phone call as well. Brian handles it all exceptionally well and his integrity is what keeps the worst at bay.  

With that, I encourage everyone to get out their lawn chairs, enjoy the show and let the kids’ energy and good times spill over onto you. Brush off the bad calls and missed opportunities and cheer for BOTH teams. Remember that over-enthusiastically cheering for your pitcher could be breaking down another just as awesome kid in the batter’s box. Be a leader in sportsmanship…there’s no better trophy to win at any tournament. I found a little poem that captures a bit of what I’m trying to say…

Alone At The Plate

Inside the front cover of the book You Can Teach Hitting, by Dusty Baker, there appears this poem about a Little Leaguer… 

He pulls on a helmet, picks up the bat,

and walks to the plate, “gotta hit and that’s that.”


The crowd starts to yell, the game’s on the line,

last inning, two outs, the score’s nine to nine.


Dad yells, “Go get it,” Mom wrings her hands,

coach hollers, “hit it,” but alone there he stands.


Heros are made in seconds such as this,

but he’s just a little boy, what if he should miss?

Years after this game’s ended and he’s little no more,

will he remember the outcome or even the score?


No he’ll have forgotten if he was out, hit, or a run,

he’ll only look back on his friends and the fun.


So cheer this boy on, alone with his fate;

help him remember with fondness this stand at the plate.


Spend your time wisely and help in his quest

to be a hitter with confidence and always his best.


And when the game’s over, this boy can stand tall,

for you’ve helped him prepare to give it his all!

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